Worrest Photography
Welcome to the home for Souvenir Photography at King Richard's Faire for the 36th season. We can be found all around the grounds, and at Alchemist's Instant Portraiture in the Wizards Glen. Please enter information off of your card to find your photos, or search directly through the galleries listed below. Check out our facebook page www.facebook.com/alchemistsinstantportraiture

All Purchases will come marked with "King Richard's Faire 2017" and the King Richard's Logo.
Booth 9/2Booth 9/4Booth 9/9Booth 9/10Booth 9/16Booth 9/17Booth 9/23Booth 9/24Booth 9/30Booth 10/1Booth 10/7Booth 10/8Booth 10/14Booth 10/15Booth 10/21Booth 10/22Cleave (9/9 contest)Costumes (on Adults) (10/21)Game of Thrones (Trivia & Costumes)Highland Hunks (9/30 Contest)Kids Costume Pageant (10/14)Peter 9/2Peter 9/3Peter 9/4Peter 9/9Peter 9/10Peter 9/16Peter 9/17Peter 9/24Peter 9/30Peter 10/1Peter 10/7Peter 10/8Peter 10/14Peter 10/15Peter 10/21Peter 10/22Potter (Harry Potter Trivia and Costume Contest 10/7)Vows! (9/16 Special Event)Wench! (9/9 4:00)Wench! (9/16 4:00)Wench! (9/23 all day)Wench! (10/7 1:30)