About the Artist

Peter grew up in Hudson, MA with a desire for knowledge, a strong sense for math, and a love of the arts. He travelled the country, and seeing the natural wonders all around seeded deep the drive to share; cameras provided the way.   His core artistic passion lies in natural beauty, and the power of the sun. What sets him apart is a unique eye developed with years of practice, and influenced strongly by mathematics and geometry, music and harmony, mysticism, and a dash of psychology.


Current & Upcoming Galleries and Presentations

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  • No current gallery shows.


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Past Shows

  • ArtsFest Hudson - May 2018
  • Northborough Public Library - April 2018
  • Cafe 641, Hudson - February 2018
  • HudsonFest - June 2017
  • The Bean Counter, Worcester - May 2017

Works (Open and Signed Editions)



Early Works

Upper Antelope Slot Canyon # 3Upper Antelope Slot Canyon # 3Sunlight plays through the canyon, lighting up at different colors with direct and indirect light coming into play.

Antelope Canyon 2016

Mojave Point Sunrise (Grand Canyon Panorama)Mojave Point Sunrise (Grand Canyon Panorama)

Panoramic Works

Eagle PointEagle Point


Turkey Vulture Fly-overTurkey Vulture Fly-over


Raven in Flight (in three parts)Raven in Flight (in three parts)Current Edition Size: 1

This photographic series has been combined in the style of a Panorama, but with the subject imaged multiple times, to capture the power behind altitude gaining wingbeats. This Raven is just coming off of a rotation as parking lot sentinel, with his replacement coming in soon after for his turn at the perimeter.

Signed Editions

America's Cup ObserversAmerica's Cup Observers Bermuda



Totality in Vermont April 8, 2024Totality in Vermont April 8, 2024

Eclipse Photos

Cape Cod Seashore (November)



Commission Requests

I am always happy to talk with a prospective client about a custom artwork request.  I have several projects I would like to complete, from landscapes, to abstracts and experimental photography, and my request for commissions is that the scope of the shoot match the scope of the art order.  For digital licensing, please list as many details about the intended use for an accurate licensing quote.

Make your Commission or Edition Requests Here

Signed Edition Requests

My current plan does not include Limited Edition runs, since I typically produce pieces on demand. Gallery works are mat and back signed editions, and while there is no edition cap, each photograph available signed comes with a serialized certificate of origin indicating the title, year, date printed, photographic substrate, shot notes for the work, and it's series number.

As the number in the edition goes up, the price will go up incrementally, to naturally limit the edition at the value the market determines, and help secure the value of your investment. All prints larger than 100 square inches will be included in the edition count, available in the signed editions gallery.