Engagements & Proposals

The Engagement - $395 (and save $100 on a wedding booking)

I am delighted to work with newly engaged couples to capture a beautiful session designed to celebrate love. I schedule these sessions in a two-hour window, and maintain a relaxed attitude as I get to know the couple and they get to know me. Rushing through such an intimate session will often lead to an uncomfortable time, and awkward photographs. I love to book engagement sessions in a location that hold special significance for the couple. An incomplete list of inspirations for a site include the site of the proposal, a first date, a mutual favorite place or park, a shared Alma Mater or your current home.

Proposal Paparazo - Starting at $395 (and save $100 on a wedding booking)

The basic format for a proposal session matches with an Engagement session, with a few exceptions.  Working with one half of a couple, we will plan, in secret, a moment where I can be discreetly in position for a picturesque and personal proposal spot.  Coordinate in advance with a last minute text, and from the role of a nearby tourist or other ruse I will transform into Photo Ninja at just the right moment, and snap away for the candid genuine reactions of your hopefully unsuspecting partner. I like to plan for our time to continue together for a10 to 30 minutes after that moment, for a set of posed shots to fill out your successful proposal session, before I leave you to enjoy your new status as fiancées.

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